Calcium Chloride Supplier for Oil drilling and Snowmelt
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WANTRADE-Founded in 2000, is an international company active in Anti-freezing Chemicals, Oil Drilling chemicals, Fertilizer chemicals and other related chemicals. WANTRADE maintains stringent quality control programs with ISO9001 Standard and observes international codes and practices, and is thereby able to cater to our clients satisfactorily.


Our Vision
WANTRADE-With efforts from our highly technical staff, WANTRADE has a proven ability to anticipate market trends before its competitors, combining strategic sourcing relationships, and expert insights into the markets as the leading chemicals company for Anti-freezing Chemicals Industry, Oil Drilling Chemicals Industry, and Fertilizer Industry.
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Over the years, we’ve developed countless innovative solutions for supply the right wooden boxes, we always pursuit the best service for our partners as we’ve worked with companies around the world. When it comes to analyzing, packaging,shipping, warehouse, nobody’s better.







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